Service Philosophy

    TotalCare is a one-stop service platform providing the elderly a trans-disciplinary professional care service including home care, day care and rehab service, residential home service arrangement, rehabus service and training courses for carers and assessments. Together with assessments, trainings and care service particularly for cognitive impairment as well as the attentive care of soul of seniors, the elderly and their family can enjoy a flexible and satisfactory service.

One-stop Hotline Consultation Service

    Hotline inquiry: to provide immediate solutions to the elderly or carers on health and care related issues
    Matching service: to arrange home care service or match appropriate community services (including residential home, medical service, and other rehabilitation centre services) for the elderly according to their health condition.

Our Service

Home Care Service

    We provide professional health specialists including Chinese and Western doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals to carry out home health assessments, care and rehabilitation service for the elderly. We also provide health workers, personal care workers and clinical excorts to ensure the elderly have an appropriate care.
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Day Care and Rehab Service

    Haven of Hope Day Care cum Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly (Hong Kong East) in Shau Kei Wan provides the elderly aged 50 or above and those who require assistance in daily living whole-day / half-day elderly day care service. Registered senior nurses in the centre will assess the health condition of the elderly and hence make a tailor-made rehabilitation and care plan for them.
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Residential Home Service

    Haven of Hope elderly homes have provided the elderly holistic and attentive care service. Totalcare will match a proper and appropriate elderly home for the elderly according to their health condition and financial ability.
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Memory Care for Seniors

    Totalcare provides a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and cognitive training for the elderly aged 50 or above. Its day care centers, memory care centers, elderly homes and the night care centre (in operation on early November 2014) provide different services for the elderly with cognitive impairment giving them the most appropriate care service.
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Other Services

    We provide escort service, training course for carers and domestic helpers, clinical aromatherapy treatment and rehabus service to relieve the stress of the carers, who can use Totalcare to find suitable relief service if the domestic helpers have days off.
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